Mac Liptensity

I was in desperate need of having my perception changed about the girls behind makeup counters. I can't be the only one that finds them intimidating right? I'm a complete internet shopper and thats probably half my trouble. When you walk in these places you feel like your instantly being judged for your heavy handed contour or your wing liner sloping down your cheek.THEN ONE DAY *yesterday* that all changed. 

So the Mac team in Southampton asked me to come and try their new lipstick range - Liptensity.
Plot twist... i did. 

It's been a long time since i tried a lipstick that wasn't a liquid based formula as... well... they're just my jam. So i was a little unsure as liquid lips are as matte as they come and the Liptensity lipsticks are a satin finish.
But coarrrrrrh these are lovely i tried a few nudes,browns,reds and a galaxy grey. I'm super picky when it comes to nudes but i can definitely recommend the shades Driftwood and doe - super pigmented and perfect for all day wear. Nudes are nudes though so lets talk about the autumnal shades! My pick for that would be Dionysus, It's the perfect deep red  - i will definitely be picking it up with my next pay packet! 
If your feeling a little experimental the Galaxy grey is ideal for you, when i first tried it i thought it could be one of those lips that you wore once for a selfie and then put it back on the shelf for a year- 'cos god have i done that with ALL of the Jeffrey Star colours. Amazing but hard for everyday use. I don't think you would get this with the grey as its a little muted and not so in your face.
If i was to rate these lipsticks i'd give 'em a 4/5, one point deducted for not being a liquid lipstick,duh.
They feel beautiful on your lips and full of colour... what more could you want?!

So lets just go back to the start of the post where i'm a nervous wreck because i think that theses girls are going to eat me alive over my foundation. They didn't. I honestly haven't met nicer girls in my life. So heres a little shoutout to @team_southampton - give them a little follow on Instagram and get inspired with new makeup ideas and trends! 

See you soon,